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7 Reasons Why To Start The Day With A Cup Of Strained Lemon


If you want to feel energetic and fresh in the morning, it is recommended to start the day with a cup of strained lemon.

Not only will it give you energy and freshness, but it will also provide you these 7 benefits that will do good to your body, before you start the new day.

1. It prevents colds

Lemon prevents colds and boosts the immune system, and if you already have a cold, it relieves the symptoms.

2. It improves the condition and appearance of skin

The vitamin C found in the lemon helps in secretion of more collagen, and it is responsible for skin regeneration and tightening.

3.It speeds ​​up the digestive tract

Since it frees the body from toxins that gather during the evening, it accelerates the digestive tract and improves the work of the bowels.

4.It gives you energy

Instead of the coffee you drink in the morning, consume strained lemon, which will give you double the energy. You’ll probably notice the difference even after the first morning.

5.It protect your liver

It has been proven that lemon protects the liver by getting rid of the toxins and preventing its infections.

6.It improves the work of the brain

Besides containing vitamin C, lemons also contains a large amount of potassium, which improves the work of the brain, in terms of the thinking process and logic, and improved memory.

7.It helps with bad breath

It kills bacteria from the food, which is responsible for bad breath. This is the last reason why you should start the day with a cup of strained lemon.





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