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BREAKING NEWS: Vybz Kartel will be a FREE MAN this Year! [MUST SEE POST]

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Vybz Kartel will be a FREE MAN this Year!

This being the 2nd day in 2017, alot of dancehallers have been asking if “Worl Boss” will be a free man this year?

Vybz Kartel’s in recent times through his offcial Instagram page has been hinting that he could be released from prison soon. “carnage when me do road…DANCEHALL NICE AGAIN #GAZANATION,” was recently posted on Kartel’s Instagram bio.


Vybz Kartel was charged for murder and sentenced for life. However his legal team are expecting this will change soon.

Kartel’s defense team is allegedly expecting to have an appeal hearing early next year and are confident things will go their way. “A number of issues arose in the trial where we feel the judge made erroneous decisions. A number of jurors were employed as agents of the state and, had that information been given to the defense, they certainly would not have sat on that jury. That has come out in the trial of the juror who was charged with attempting to bribe other members of the jury,” Tom Tavares Finson told RollingStone in an exclusive interview.

Vybz Kartel, who is serving 35-years in prison for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, was unexpectedly moved from the Horizon Remand Center to Tower Street Correctional Facility a month ago.
It was alleged that items that could be used to record music were confiscated from his cell. However, authorities have yet to confirm the allegations.

In an interview conducted through his lawyer, Tavares-Finson, Kartel recently denied rumours that he has been recording in prison.

The “Back to Reality” deejay insists that the new releases are sets of a massive deposit of unreleased vocal material left behind before his arrest, which are being updated for the moment by a cadre of trusted producers. “I’ve always been a prolific songwriter, and I record at breakneck speed as well, so I have a lot of surplus material to choose from,” Vybz Kartel told Rolling Stone.

Few weeks ago Vybz Kartel again confirmed he will be a free man soon, “Citizens of #GAZANATION, any time now #RoadPre“.. The post sent fans once again in a frenzy.




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