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Alkaline BASHED for Looking like GAY! [MUST SEE PICTURE]


Few days ago grammy nominated reggae singer Jah Cure received harsh criticism from his Jamaican fans for his latest outrageous attire while touring in Zimbabwe.

The ‘Rasta’ artiste who has been known to push the envelope where his fashion sense is concerned; has been ridiculed online for taking it a bit too far.

Sporting a close fitted shirt and belt-less pants, one size smaller than the entertainer; which was apparent by his top not being able to cover his belly and lower back properly – Cure made his way to a press conference in the motherland.

Popular Jamaican Dancehall artiste Earlan Bartley more popularly known to the masses as Alkaline recently found himself in hot waters with the fans of dancehall.

Alka was accused of sporting a look that made him seem a bit on the Gay side of life.

Many dancehaller and fans alike expressed their disapproval of the photo and the style of clothing the top tier deejay sported.


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Shelly Kelly Omg..I normally don’t care about these things but y is he looking I’ll..young man pkz take some time and speak with a doctor..you are not looking well and we would not want to see you in the obituaries.

Kerron Harriage Youth you look like a fish. Pass mi the K mek mi kill it.

Billy Culture If money ago mek mi look suh mi nuh want it

Kingsley Lawrence Lol batty bwoy

Oshane O Hart Yuh have to admit , this bredda look a little Queer

Annmarie Greaves oh Lord he look so stressed out he need prayer

Wayne Scotty Young thug gay cousin

Akins Bedo Edwards Look like a child that been scars.

Christina Marcia Glen Sorry but he look lyk a fucking goshhhhhh

Jason Thomas Girly man

Christopher Senior Kaitlyn Jenner

Ashby Aashystaks Bwoy look like shebada

Donart Thomas who a di fish??

Kristin Andrews Dude looks like a lady.



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