Reasons why It’s So Hard For You To Get A Job In Jamaica [MUST READ]

One of the most difficult things to do in this country is get a job. I hate speaking poorly about my own country, but I have to be honest: the economy is a wreck. With so many people graduating from universities every year, I figured there must be a reason, or several good ones, as to why so few companies are hiring them. Check below to see if you agree.

The Older Persons Won’t Retire

They’re going to hold on for dear life, literally. They love the piles of money, the benefits of being a longstanding employee, and the recognition that comes with the position they hold. And they won’t be giving any of that up any time soon. Good luck to all you job seekers going for managerial positions.

School Doesn’t Truly Prepare You For The Working World

So many educators say that school is an incubator, and that what they read to… I mean, teach you there will prepare you for the work you’ll do once you leave. Garbage. If you’re not doing a lot of extra work in school you’re definitely going to be spending a lot of time learning on the job. There are many instances every year at job fairs where employers sit wondering what the applicant in front of them really learned in the 3 or 4 years they were in school, because it sure wasn’t what they need for the job they’re gunning for. While you are ultimately in control of what you learn and how much of a success you are, there’s no hiding the fact that schools don’t teach you much of what you need to actually operate in the working world.

You Have No Job Experience

Well, if I just got out of university and was too focused on getting exceptional grades and actually learning what I was supposed to, instead of picking up odd jobs and internships, where exactly was that experience supposed to come from? The expectation of a lot of persons is that they should always be active. Volunteering their time and services, getting internships and summer jobs, and managing both school work and responsibilities at home are all a walk in the park, right? While this isn’t the case for everyone, there are quite a number of unemployed persons who simply don’t have the time to take on added responsibilities while in school.

The Job Qualifications Make No Sense

As if not having any experience wasn’t bad enough, now companies are upping the ante. Just crack open a local newspaper, or log on to a local job site, and you’ll see that the average fast food restaurant trainee needs an outgoing personality, 5+ years managerial experience, both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Food and Beverage Management, and a reliable motor vehicle for possible door to door product sales (obviously I’m exaggerating, but what you see in job advertisements is pretty close!).

You Have No Connections On The Inside

One of the sad truths about this country is that it’s damn near impossible for anyone to get a job because they don’t know anyone on the inside of the company they’re applying to. We hear it all the time: links run this country.

The Positions That Are Advertised Are Already Taken

That’s right. The ad that you see in the newspaper is just a formality. They’re not really looking for anyone to be put into that job spot because they’ve already found the one.

No One Wants A Customer Service Job

I can definitely attest to this. This must be the most common job offering in existence. I know I’m not built for customer service, so I’m never taking up a job like that again. Too much work, for too little pay and too few benefits (ahem, slave work?). And the worst part of it is: most companies don’t even display the kind of customer service they talk about in their development sessions and staff meetings. Also, and this might be my pride talking, I didn’t go 4 years fighting through a computer science degree so that I could sit at a desk for 12 hours a day and hear about problems that I have no interest in solving.



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