VIDEO: Gully Bop New Girlfriend Toya revealed

VIDEO: Gully Bop New Girlfriend Toya revealed

You may have seen a video circulating on Facebook showing Amari frantically trying tk defend herself. Meet the woman who brought the mighty Dj Mona Lisa from her throne. Her name is Toya Harris. Amari claimed that she has been replaced as Bop’s girlfriend by Toya.

The Keeping up with the Bops star said she had been sitting in a restaurant waiting for her dancehall beau to arrive for them to do business. Only to go outside and discover Toya firmly lodge between Bop’s legs and in deep conversation. Persons in the background were saying that Toya was just a fan and that Amari is grossly overreacting.

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But Amari who was already enraged after receiving several blows to the face, was adamant that the stance was not appropriate and continues to call Harris names. The two are expected to attend an interview with Tina Chin tonight on Massive Vybz Radio in NY.



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