10 Things Jamaican Mothers say

A Jamaican Mother is the epitome of greatness. She embodies the definition of being an exceptional being. She is tough when she needs to be but even at those moments you still know that she love you more than herself, puts nothing above you, and thinks of your well being first. She grows you up on old proverbs, all of which you didn’t understand as a child but you knew they were all important.

1. Yuh gwaan, idle Jackass follow cane bump go a pound

2. Wah serve too long serve two masta

3. Wen mi a fi u age mi couldn’t do dat

4. Yuh couldn’t wash up d two likkle plate dem?

5. Hog did ask him muma a wah mek him mout suh long, him se “ah mi child a come yuh a come yuh wi soon see”

6. mek mi spit yasso and yuh nuh come back

7. Children fi be seen and not heard

8. Likkle piss’n tail pickny u tink mi n u a size an companion?

9. Learn fi dance a yaad before yuh can dance abroad

10. fowl weh feed a yard huh hard fi ketch.



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