Jamaicans are the most creative when it comes to coining their own terms and sayings. How much of these do you know?

1) “Good fowl gone a market, sensei fowl seh him waa go too.”
An able individual being copied by some one less fortunate.

2) “Gi mi sponge fi go dry up sea”
Giving one an impossible task to do.

3) “A nuh every mango hav maggige”
Not every one of the same caliber have the same bad ways.

4) “Pound a fret cyaa pay a ounce a debt”
Worrying solves nothing

5) “If yuh nuh go a fowl roost, fowl cyaa shit paa yuh”
If you don’t put yourself in a bad situation you can’t feel the effects.

6) “Dawg a sweat and long hair hide it”
Things are not always what they seem.

7) “Yuh shake man han, yuh nuh shake him heart”
Appearances are not always what they appear to be.

8) “Bucket wid hole a bottam nuh have no business a riverside”
Don’t put yourself in situations that do not concern you.

9) “Rockstone a river bottom nuh know sum hot”
Individuals who are sheltered do not know the true hardship that lies above.

10) “So much mout cyaa set fi tell the same lie”
If there a lot of persons saying one thing then there must be some truth to it.



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